Due to the covid-19 pandemic we are sorry to announce that we will be ceasing operations until further notice.


Cremas Artisan Flavors is a specialty ice cream and sorbet manufacturer with pastry-inspired and authentic tropical fruit flavors. Since 2010, Cremas has been scooping up in-house specialty ice cream and sorbets to the greater Hudson County. The brand was conceived by Italian-Argentine brothers, Mariano and Leandro Pellegrino.

The passion behind serving authentic and diverse fresh “real” fruit ice cream flavors is the real story of Cremas Artisan Flavors. The Pellegrino brothers come from a long line of fruit vendors. After their ancestors immigrated from Italy to Argentina post-WWII, their grandfather made a living by selling fresh and diverse produce to native buyers directly from his family wagon. The brothers accompanied their grandfather in their birthplace, Rosario, Argentina, as he visited customers on his daily route.